What if 3rd Party Online Orders Came Right to the POS?

For most restaurants, online ordering is critical for success. Not only are third-party systems like GrubHub and Eat24, but it’s important you have it on your website. The “Restaurant Technology in 2017” report found 81% of diners used a restaurant’s website to place an order. While it’s important to offer online ordering, let’s dive a bit deeper into what challenges may occur without the right point-of-sale (POS) system for your restaurant.

The Traditional Way to Receiving 3rd Party Online Orders.

If you’re operating your restaurant with a register or an older POS system, here’s what the journey looks like from beginning to end.

  1. Customer places order through third-party system (app or website).
  2. 3rd party system sends the order to the restaurant by fax, email, call, or tablet.
  3. An employee manually inputs the order again in their point-of sale (POS).
  4. Order is sent to the kitchen to be fulfilled.
  5. Customer receives order and completes process.

Let’s pretend your restaurant does 150 online orders in a week, and the average time for staff to input an order is two minutes. That’s 300 minutes, or 5 hours, a week staff is spending just on re-entering an online order. And while we strive to be perfect, it’s inevitable out of the 150 orders a few will be put in the POS wrong. And it only takes one wrong order for a customer to post their experience on social media for everyone to see.

The New Way to Receive 3rd Party Online Orders

Like how smartphones do more than make calls, technology made a more efficient way for restaurants to receive online orders on a single platform. Some POS systems have partnerships with companies like Chowly and Checkmate to have online orders sent right to the POS system. Here’s how that process looks like:

  1. Customer places order through third-party system (app or website).
  2. Order sends directly to POS (option to automatically send to kitchen for fulfillment).
  3. Order is sent to the kitchen to be fulfilled.
  4. Customer receives order and completes the process.

WIth the new way, employees no longer manually input orders, saving time. What could you achieve with the time that’s freed up?

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Author: Kevin Boomhower, Restaurant Consultant @ Toast, Inc.
P: (201)-956-8060
E: Kevin.Boomhower@toasttab.com



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